Lloytron is one of the best fan heaters and is available to buy from Amazon

Best Fan Heaters Under £50


Fan heaters are excellent and convenient room heaters that have become very popular for both their size and mobility. As the name would suggest, they work by means of using a fan to pass air […]

Bleeding a radiator is very simple

Bleeding a Radiator is Simple and Easy


Close to 90% of UK homes use gas central heating as their method of heating.  It makes sense then that maintaining your radiators so that they work efficiently is a must.  And that’s where bleeding […]

Night storage heaters and Economy 7 are a good option for heating your home.

Economy 7 and Night Storage Heaters


If you heat your home with electricity, then you should seriously consider using night storage heaters, or off peak heating to do so.  They are a terrific way for households who use electricity to heat […]

The Ebac Dehumidifier 2650e is a smart dehumidifier by the market leaders

Best Dehumidifiers to Clear the Air


These dehumidifier reviews of the best 5 are designed to help you make an informed choice about which one would suit your personal needs.  Even though this is a fully comprehensive guide, if you still […]

Gas Safety – What do you Really Know?


Gas safety is a must! A survey has shown that although the heating industry has made great strides in tidy up their industry, it seems that the general public are being left behind.  It seems […]

A dehumidifier is an essential buy for a damp mouldy room.

Dehumidifier – Make the Right Choice


Before you set off and buy a dehumidifier it makes sense to know some facts about these machines before you pay. In the UK we classically use our dehumidifiers in the colder winter months to […]

Halogen heaters are great option for secondary heat in your home.

Why Buy Halogen Heaters


Halogen heaters are portable room heaters that many people reach for as the weather turns colder and the nights draw in. But just what are halogen heaters and how well do they work at keeping […]