Kitchen Plinth Heater

Buying a Kitchen Plinth Heater 2016

A kitchen plinth heater is in simple terms an electric or central heated heating device that is used in kitchens.

Using one enables the owners to either get rid of their radiator completely or to get additional heat that is mainly focused on the floor area, but of course as heat rises upwards it also heats up the whole room.

So why exactly are they becoming more and more fashionable nowadays? The answer is really simple.  Kitchen plinth heaters are small, inexpensive, very effective and they don’t take up any room of the kitchen. They are in all cases simply inserted below one of the kitchen base cabinets neatly cut into the plinth.

Kitchen Plinth Heater – 4 of the Best

Smiths hydronic kitchen plinth Buy on Amazon Plumbs into central heating; Room size upto 63 cubic metres; quiet & efficient unit 5-stars
Diamond Central Heating Kitchen Plinth Heater Buy on Amazon Use with central heating systems; Automatically switches on and off with heating system; Fits under a 500mm wide kitchen cabinet; heats a 27 cubic metre room 5-stars
Dimplex 2 kW Kick Board Plinth Heater Buy on Amazon Alternative settings; low temp cut out setting; remote control 5-stars
Creda Plinth Heater Buy on Amazon Thermostat control; 3 facias; remote control 5-stars

The design of kitchen plinth heater is always modern, discreet, and slick which will definitely enhance the overall feel and look of any kitchen. Their prices vary from around £80 to £300, sometimes more mainly depending on the manufacturer, their heat and power output and of course on the retailer.

It is important to note that whilst these items were originally designed to be used and built into a kitchen unit, it is just as well useful when it is inserted into a built in wardrobe or into one of our stair raisers.

A kitchen plinth heater is usually fan assisted, which means that the built in fan heats up the room extremely quickly, and definitely a lot quicker then a conventional radiator. This means that in just a few short minutes after switching our product on, the kitchen will be enjoyable and warm as opposed to a 10-15 minutes wait with a traditional radiator.

Electric Plinth heaters and central heated plinth heaters were NOT designed to be used in wet our humid areas therefore they should never be installed in a bathroom or shower room.

Their installation is simple and at all times their packaging contains a very easy to follow installation manual. It is important to note that plinth heaters will require a Fused Connection Unit as they are classed as fixed appliances. Unless you are an electrician you should not attempt to fit one yourself. You should always employ a qualified electrician to carry out the work, and you might find that in most cases a bad installation will result in the invalidation of the warranty of the plinth heater.

The best kitchen plinth heater usually has a very similar design, when they are installed all we usually see is a grill and a switch neatly cut into the kitchen plinth. What you will find is that usually there is a choice of finish with the grills, mainly white or stainless/brushed steel. Many times a white plinth heater grill will go with a kitchen where other appliances are also white, while stainless or brushed steel will go really well with a kitchen full of modern steel appliances.

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